North Bangkok University, Saphanmai campus, has been designed to promote a pleasant learning environment and atmosphere. The campus buildings are built to be functional with facilities that are comfortable in every way such as laboratories, conference rooms, sports complexes, libraries and activity halls. The friendly campus environment supports the personal and professional development of students.

North Bangkok University’s campus is equipped with excellent facilities at its prominent Rangsit location. The pleasant environment around both campuses makes it possible for all students to keep their mind at peace while studying. North Bangkok University has eye catching buildings and manys labs spread out over 150 rais. Recently, North Bangkok University has undertaken a new project to develop an Arts and Culture Center as well as planning additional facilities in the near future.

One of the most important policies of North Bangkok University is maintaining a friendly and supportive atmosphere around the campus. In addition to their academic pursuits, students will learn through life experiences while living in the North Bangkok University. Students’ social, personal and academic development is benefited by contributing and participating in activities and supporting one another throughout the school year. Our student dormitory can provide accommodation for students, both male and female. The dorm is safe, clean and pleasant to live in and provides full facilities.

North Bangkok University facilitates students’ studies and research with two libraries. The first library is located on the Saphanmai campus. The main library of North Bangkok University, named “Prawatrungruang Library”, is located at North Bangkok University, Rangsit campus. They contain more than 56,600 books, 350 journals and 110 periodicals. Additional, access to databases of information from around the world is available for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students.

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